Welcome to the American Ninja Warrior Experience

Our mission is simple: to support and grow the American Ninja Warrior athletic community. We do that by promoting and encouraging professional athletes, fans and amateurs across the country to participate in as many events, gyms and leagues as possible.

The American Ninja Warrior Experience has been in development for over two years. In that space of time, athletes across the country have created their own events, built their own companies, started their own gyms and participated in leagues. That ingenuity and passion have given rise to a grass-roots explosion of interest and has inspired us to keep moving forward.

The Ninja Warrior community is made up of fun, extremely talented and passionate athletes. They are some of the most giving professionals in sports today spending countless hours and money to help train kids, help those who are struggling physically, and promote healthy lifestyles. It’s a testament to everyone who has had any part in growing the community. The American Ninja Warrior Experience is open to everyone whether or not you participate in other events, leagues or competitions including the television show we all love.

It was an idea born from the ATS Team, who has been a fundamental contributor to the growth of the show and the community. If you’ve ever participated on the TV show or been in the stands, you have undoubtedly seen the ATS Team working tirelessly to design, build and manage the Ninja Warrior course. Most often, they stay in the background and make sure that the obstacles are working properly, and that everyone has a fair shot on the course. They’ve been focused on making the show and the obstacles better each and every year. They’ve done so here in the U.S. and also participated on the show in almost a dozen countries worldwide.

We want athletes of all skill levels to understand the fundamentals of tackling Ninja Warrior obstacles. We want athletes to promote themselves to kids and continue being the inspiration to fans in cities around the world. And we want to work with as many athletes as possible by giving them a voice, and a platform, to grow their image and their unique athletic skills.

The American Ninja Warrior Experience will give athletes the opportunity to compete on show level courses, earn prize money and compete live in front of thousands of people. The American Ninja Warrior Experience will give athletes access to sponsorships large and small and the opportunity to teach young kids and aspiring athletes how to build the physical and mental strength needed to compete with the best. Most of all the American Ninja Warrior Experience will support the prime directive to grow the sport and the athletic community.

We could not be more excited to collaborate with all the athletes, the entrepreneurs and the community at large to finally bring the American Ninja Warrior Experience to cities around the country and lead the community into a bright and prosperous future. Please visit www.anwexperience.com for more information about the events and upcoming cities.

If any American Ninja Warrior’s are interested in being a pro sponsored athlete please reach out to joe@ANWexperience.com